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Flex Training Sessions


Thanks to Silicon Valley Flex User Group

Some more Flex 2 examples.


Flex and Google


Flex version of Google’s Searchmash website has been launched. It has page previews too and it uses Snap. I have enabled Snap in my blog. You can search in Wikipedia and Blogs too. You can also preview the video without navigating to another page. Google has been using Flash in Google finance site but now they are using Flex.

Maps and APIs in actionscript for Flex applications


ESRI probably has one of the best Flex APIs for mapping. See ESRI Flex API Explorer samples. It is like the Flex Component Explorer. Yahoo Maps also has Flex APIs. Mapquest also has AS3 APIs.

Look at tools like Flex Style Explorer, a very handy CSS generator. Primitive Explorer, Filter Explorer, ButtonSkin Explorer, Charting Explorer, Reflection Explorer, Easing Function Explorer, Distortion Effects Explorer, Color Explorer, Thesaurus Explorer are pretty good Flex applications. You can also download the source code by right-clicking.

Look at some more Flex sample applications including Flex 3 applications.

3D Visualisation and Multi-touch display


Many of you have already seen this – Microsoft Surface technology.

The entire presentation uses Adobe’s Flash. Why is it not in Microsoft’s Silverlight?

Earlier in my post, I had provided a link to Jeff Han’s TED talk and now watch the video of Jeff Han and Phil Davidson showing multi touch driven screen. I can see how kiosks will look in future. This is an interesting article after his TED talk.

Read this article and watch the YouTube video on “Thinsight” – Microsoft’s lab in UK is working on it.

This is the next thing after iPhone in iPod world – iPodTouch – from Apple.

“Emperor’s New Groove” – children’s bengali play


Please come and see children’s bengali drama on Oct 21, 2007 @ 6PM, directed by Aparajita Das. Also see the dance recital preformed by kids, directed by Mitra Purkayastha’s school of Rhythm and Dance. Click here for directions. Kallol of NJ is celebrating Durga Puja at the Ukranian Community Center, Somerset, NJ.

MAX 2007 North America


I went back to the MAX 2007 website. Logged in today and saw many speakers have posted their PDF presentations. I downloaded presentations from 83 speakers. Thanks a lot for posting the PDFs. Here are some YouTube links that may be of interest to you. The theme of MAX 2007 was very appropriate “Connect. Discover. Inspire.”

Start of the Keynote address

SEAM carving

Flash on C/C++

Flash “Next”

Thermo – RIA Design Tool Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

MovieStar – H264  

Astro – Next generation of Flash, Flash 10

Adobe Media Player . It is downloadable at Adobe labs

Flash Lite 3

Flex on Linux

AIR application

LiveCycle ES

Papervision 3D – open source 3D engine for flash


I was wondering whether this page has Flash Video or is it done using Papervision 3d. Then I found this link and look at the wheel and it is rotating!!! (use the arrow keys to drive the car). Then I concluded that Nissan Rogue website is using Papervision 3D. Look at the other examples . So here is Papervision3D effects for Flex. I couldn’t resist but download papervision 3D. Check out the blogs on Papervision 3D. Here is Lee Brimelow’s website with useful tutorials. Here is Papervision 3d Carousel example in Flash. Here is Doug’s CoverFlow Flex component. Here is show reel of
the work done with Papervision3D.

Here is the link to earthmine project. They are using Papervision 3D.

Spirograph – my first AIR application


After downloading Flex Builder 3 beta 3, I updated my AIR application projects. I posted them at and

Spirograph – This is a simple AIR application that stores settings locally on the desktop that can be retrieved later when you run this application like a bookmark in the browser. Download it, vote it. This is one of my favorite mathematical curves that I like to program. I got fascinated with the toy that my uncle gave me. This is all about a fixed point on a circle rolling inside or outside a fixed circle. The extension of this is Guilloché patterns  which are spirograph-like curves that frame a curve within an inner and outer envelope curve. They are used on banknotes, securities, and passports worldwide for added security against counterfeiting.

I also have other AIR applications. One of the first proof-of-concept that I built in Flex ver 1.0 was Model Selector. I have since then migrated it to every major release of Flex and now AIR. This application helped me sell the concept of RIA and of course the Flex framework. I wrote another proof-of-concept AIR application – Vehicle Comparison. You can compare upto 3 vehicles side-by-side.

“Seemingly impossible is possible” – Dr. Hans Rosling


Seemingly Impossible is Possible“. Click on the link and be sure to watch straight through to the (literally) jaw-dropping finale. His other talk at TED is equally good to watch. Click here  to know more about him. Look at data visualisation at Gapminder. This is the reason I like Flex and Flash. We will see people building these User Experiences in Flex pretty soon. Go Flex!!!  If you have interesting videos in TED that you would like to share, please put them in my comments section.

More TED links

Jeff Hans’s Multitouch interface design. This is what we see in iPhones now.

Blaise Aguera from Microsoft shows the jawdropping photosynth demo.

Bumptop desktop and tileUI


Check out Bumptop desktop  presentation by Anand Agarwala at TED. It is a fresh user interface that takes the usual desktop metaphor to a glorious, 3D extreme. I don’t know whether it can run on all OS’s but Doug McCune‘s Flash version is the killer.  Check out the flash version of tileUI. Doug, you are f cool guy and I mean freakin’ cool guy. Check out  his tileUI AIR application video. I guess you can ask a price for this cool application. Feel free to see the making of TileUI. I hope we will see you present this @ TED or may be at Google Tech Talk. By the way Doug has been contributing with his FlexLib components in Flex. Thanks a lot and keep those components coming. I am using some of your components in our projects. Check out the latest project in which he is involved –