Optimizing Flex Application

I had attended the session on Optimizing Flex Application by Dave Coletta (Buzzword fame) at MAX 2007. After returning to hotel, I downloaded Flex 3 beta 2 release . One of the interesting thing I liked was the Flex Start Page. It had a link to animated overview of Flex. This will help me in giving high-level overview of Flex. I would like to see more animated overviews about various topics. I also got the Adobe Flex 2 Training from the Source (Adobe Press) book from Benjamin Elmore of Twin Technologies. One of the coauthors (Jeff Tapper) taught us Flex (ver 1.5). This book is a must read for beginners who want to join the army of Flex coders. I would be looking out for the next edition (Adobe Flex 3 Training from the Source?). I hope to see topics such as OLAPDataGrid, AdvancedDataGrid, ModuleLoader, deeplinking being covered in the next edition. There is another good book Programming Flex 2: The comprehensive guide to creating rich media applications with Adobe Flex by Chafic Kazoun and Joey Lott.

Oh yes, we now have new look to Developer’s Connection website. Here is the link to Flex Developer Center. This has very interesting section called FIG – Flex Interface Guide. You can read about best practices including UI patterns. Also the new comers can probably find their answers in forums like Flex Coders.


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    Очень полезно

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