Deneb Meketa on Flash Security

The MAX 2007 had so many sessions that I was not sure which ones I should attend. But I am glad I attended Deneb’s (Flash Security Engineer) session on Flash security. Sometimes after rolling out the SWF created using Flex 2, we got this error and wondered what is this all about and then read docs on crossdomain.xml to resolve it. But after attending this session things were even more clearer. Click here to know about the why and how of Flash Security

Here are some of the links related to the Flash security topic. I will update this blog with more links as I come to know.

Flash Player Security Page on Adobe’s website

Lucas Adamski’s Blog – State of Security This is all about discussions on web application and desktop software security. He talks about topics related to AIR. He is also a Security Engineer at Adobe.

Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0 book has an excellent chapter on this topic. This book is a must read for Flex developers. I used live docs to learn about ActionScript 3.0 . BTW, this book was sold out very quickly at MAX Store.

Programming Actionscript 3.0 ->Flash Player APIs->Flash Player security section in Live Docs of Flex 2

Link to AIR security live docs page.

Interesting post by Raghu on JSP proxy code to get cross-domain images


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