Papervision 3D – open source 3D engine for flash

I was wondering whether this page has Flash Video or is it done using Papervision 3d. Then I found this link and look at the wheel and it is rotating!!! (use the arrow keys to drive the car). Then I concluded that Nissan Rogue website is using Papervision 3D. Look at the other examples . So here is Papervision3D effects for Flex. I couldn’t resist but download papervision 3D. Check out the blogs on Papervision 3D. Here is Lee Brimelow’s website with useful tutorials. Here is Papervision 3d Carousel example in Flash. Here is Doug’s CoverFlow Flex component. Here is show reel of
the work done with Papervision3D.

Here is the link to earthmine project. They are using Papervision 3D.


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One Response to “Papervision 3D – open source 3D engine for flash”

  1. neosmedia Says:

    thanks for the links man. I love papervision 3d flash

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