3D Visualisation and Multi-touch display

Many of you have already seen this – Microsoft Surface technology.

The entire presentation uses Adobe’s Flash. Why is it not in Microsoft’s Silverlight?

Earlier in my post, I had provided a link to Jeff Han’s TED talk and now watch the video of Jeff Han and Phil Davidson showing multi touch driven screen. I can see how kiosks will look in future. This is an interesting article after his TED talk.

Read this article and watch the YouTube video on “Thinsight” – Microsoft’s lab in UK is working on it.

This is the next thing after iPhone in iPod world – iPodTouch – from Apple.


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One Response to “3D Visualisation and Multi-touch display”

  1. Adam Kinney Says:

    Regarding Silverlight usage, the Surface site was launched at the end of May and Silverlight 1.0 was launched Sept 5th. I would expect to see the next big update to the site to be done in Silverlight.

    Thanks for the iPod Touch link 🙂

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