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Satyameva – ECTA’s US premiere


“Satyameba” is being premiered on Jan 26th, 2008 in USA. Please come and watch the play. If you liked Phera, Kalsuddhi, Ron and other plays by ECTA, then this is a must see. It was first staged in India last year. Click here for the details.


NJISACF – rated as Adobe site of the day


NJISACF has been rated Adobe site of the day on Jan 09, 2008. It was built using Flex 3. I updated the site with the “Site of the day” logo. I guess this is the first official website built using Flex 3. It was fun building the video component using VideoDisplay class in Flex. This website has been viewed in 73 countries based on the Google Analytics stats.

Flex 3 application – NJISACF


Well, I launched NJISACF website built on Flex 3 SDK. Please check it out. I am open for suggestions. If you need to know how I built certain things in the site, let me know. I am more than willing to share my experience. It took me 50 hours (3 week-ends) to build this site (from concept to go live). I am able to track visitors using Google Analytics too. So far it got hits from 33 countries.

Recently I updated the video component on the site. Learnt the tricks of skinning. Scalenine is a very good resource.