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Toyota’s Model Selector in Flex


Well, one of the first proof-of-concept that I built before Flex ver 1.0 was released was Model Selector and ofcourse it is an AIR application too. Now I finally see automotive website built model selector application in Flex and it is live. Experience Toyota’s Model Selector. How do I know it is written in Flex? I did a view source on the page and found this link. We are very familiar with the error messages when a RemoteObject call fails, right. This is the reason we need a fault event handler that gives a better error message. Usually we write code for the result event handler and ignore the fault event handler. Should we have better error message as default in the flex framework, in case a developer doesn’t write a custom fault error handler for HTTP, RemoteObject or WebService call?

We are bringing nice user experience with Flex for consumers. Go Flex!


Spirograph – my first AIR application


After downloading Flex Builder 3 beta 3, I updated my AIR application projects. I posted them at and

Spirograph – This is a simple AIR application that stores settings locally on the desktop that can be retrieved later when you run this application like a bookmark in the browser. Download it, vote it. This is one of my favorite mathematical curves that I like to program. I got fascinated with the toy that my uncle gave me. This is all about a fixed point on a circle rolling inside or outside a fixed circle. The extension of this is Guilloché patterns  which are spirograph-like curves that frame a curve within an inner and outer envelope curve. They are used on banknotes, securities, and passports worldwide for added security against counterfeiting.

I also have other AIR applications. One of the first proof-of-concept that I built in Flex ver 1.0 was Model Selector. I have since then migrated it to every major release of Flex and now AIR. This application helped me sell the concept of RIA and of course the Flex framework. I wrote another proof-of-concept AIR application – Vehicle Comparison. You can compare upto 3 vehicles side-by-side.