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NJISACF link in Flex Builder 3 docs


I was wondering why I am getting hits from as per Google Analytics tool. I was surprised to find the NJISACF link in Getting Started Flex Builder 3 docs. Look at the comment section in Part IV->Tips, tricks and techniques. Thanks Tony :-). It is actually Ely’s DisplayShelf component. The other link in the comment is no longer valid.


Flex 3 application – NJISACF


Well, I launched NJISACF website built on Flex 3 SDK. Please check it out. I am open for suggestions. If you need to know how I built certain things in the site, let me know. I am more than willing to share my experience. It took me 50 hours (3 week-ends) to build this site (from concept to go live). I am able to track visitors using Google Analytics too. So far it got hits from 33 countries.

Recently I updated the video component on the site. Learnt the tricks of skinning. Scalenine is a very good resource.