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3D Visualization


I was blown away with this House of Cards video. This video is pure data and a treat for people who are interested in visualization. It is incredible. You should also check out Processing.


Newsglobe – Yahoo’s Papervision 3D application


Newsglobe is another application that is using Papervision 3D API. Yahoo launched it recently. It is a nice mashup application that shows news across the globe. See what Poly9 guys are doing with 3D earth Flex/Actionscript APIs. Take a spin! Great job

More on Papervision 3D


Pelle Christenson from the Danish Flash User Group demonstrates setting up a PaperVision3D in Flex. PaperVision can use the Collada format (*.DAE) as input. Collada files can be exported from softwares like Maya, 3D Studio Max easily. Download his Flex source for the Little Planet example.

 On a separate note, you got to watch this . Animation at its best (informative, educational, alarming).

3D Visualisation and Multi-touch display


Many of you have already seen this – Microsoft Surface technology.

The entire presentation uses Adobe’s Flash. Why is it not in Microsoft’s Silverlight?

Earlier in my post, I had provided a link to Jeff Han’s TED talk and now watch the video of Jeff Han and Phil Davidson showing multi touch driven screen. I can see how kiosks will look in future. This is an interesting article after his TED talk.

Read this article and watch the YouTube video on “Thinsight” – Microsoft’s lab in UK is working on it.

This is the next thing after iPhone in iPod world – iPodTouch – from Apple.