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Spirograph in Adobe AIR Marketplace


I released the Spirograph AIR application in Adobe AIR Marketplace as I couldn’t update my AIR application in o2apps. I can share snippets of code, if someone is interested. I will be adding other interesting patterns/curves later on.


Spirograph – my first AIR application


After downloading Flex Builder 3 beta 3, I updated my AIR application projects. I posted them at and

Spirograph – This is a simple AIR application that stores settings locally on the desktop that can be retrieved later when you run this application like a bookmark in the browser. Download it, vote it. This is one of my favorite mathematical curves that I like to program. I got fascinated with the toy that my uncle gave me. This is all about a fixed point on a circle rolling inside or outside a fixed circle. The extension of this is Guilloché patterns  which are spirograph-like curves that frame a curve within an inner and outer envelope curve. They are used on banknotes, securities, and passports worldwide for added security against counterfeiting.

I also have other AIR applications. One of the first proof-of-concept that I built in Flex ver 1.0 was Model Selector. I have since then migrated it to every major release of Flex and now AIR. This application helped me sell the concept of RIA and of course the Flex framework. I wrote another proof-of-concept AIR application – Vehicle Comparison. You can compare upto 3 vehicles side-by-side.